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our process
Our Process

How we make the process easy for you

Our Full Agent Service

After you make the first step deciding you want to extend and then making the right choice to contact us our service begins with a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements. This is an informal meeting where you explain to us what you want to achieve, your minimum requirements and perhaps your wish list of additional aspirational ideas. You should feel free to ask any questions you may have about our service or the Local Authority approvals process.

We will explain our process in full as well as the local authority approval processes. We will be honest and give you our professional opinion on the viability of your proposals in terms of gaining approval and your budget. We will let you know the best way to progress with your design and to what regulations the council wants you to meet in order to gain planning approval and building regulation approval. Then either verbally, by email or in writing we will confirm our fee proposal to carry out your project.

Our Process

Forms, Forms & More Forms

Let's be honest, no one likes filling out forms or dealing with the local Authority. So at my plans 2 extend we give our clients the benefit of letting us handle all the paperwork and the authorities.

But what is "Our Full Agent Service"? Well once we have the green light to work on your project we place your project in an upgraded area where we manage your project once submitted to the Local Authority and deal with any queries and questions on your behalf. What this service also brings with it is a reduced rate in any additional drawings which may be required if the Local Authority ask for a change to your project before granting permission. Once the planning permission is granted and we move onto submitting the building Regulations application, "agent service" continues as we also handle the Building Regulations application for you until approval granted.

If this sounds like the way for you then once you confirm you are happy for us to commence the process follows these stages:-

Stage 1

Full Building Measure Survey: One of our employees will visit your property at a mutually agreed time to take all the necessary measurements, levels, photographs and other information required to assist us with the preparation of your existing plans.

Stage 2

My Plans 2 ExtendDraw up Existing and Sketch Scheme: We will fully draw up the existing building including Floor Plans, Site Plans, Location Plan, Roof Plan and Elevations all to scale. These existing plans are a basic requirement for a planning application and every stage after that.

From your initial given brief we will produce a number of hand drawn sketch scheme proposals showing you various viable options to achieve your requirements. You then tell us which part you like, which one you don't you can then add your own input if required and together we form a final design concept.

Stage 3

Planning Application: From the concept above we then move on to complete your planning application information. This will include fully drawing up the chosen concept to produce the Proposed Drawings used in conjunction with the Existing Drawings to fully depict your scheme to the local authority. In addition to this the application may need to include various other information some coming from other consultants. These could be tree reports and wildlife reports such as bats, heritage statements if in a conservation area and so on. These will be explained at the time and will be reflected in our fee.

We will submit the application online on your behalf acting as your agent, filling in all the forms and dealing will any and all the queries that may arise. We keep in contact with the local authority to monitor how the application is progressing and keep you informed at all times and we forward to you copies of all the relevant information and correspondence including the drawings for your retention.

Stage 4

Building Regulation Application: Once we know your planning is about to or has been approved we will then commence the detailed drawings for the Building Regulation Submission and approval. Again we act as your agent, filling in all the forms, making the submission, monitoring the submission to the point of an approval and unlike planning the building regulation approval can be guaranteed. We will not then leave you with a host of further information to be confirmed later; our approvals generally come with very few, if not any, conditions.

Again you may need to appoint an additional consultant, normally a Structural Engineer who designs the foundations and any steel beams etc to accompany the building regulation application.

This Building Regulation information is the drawings and information you should then forward to your builder for pricing and to build from.

Stage 5

My Plans 2 ExtendApprovals Obtained: All the original copies of the approvals for Planning and Building Regulations are then forwarded to you, along with copies of the drawings and other relevant information, for your retention and records. We will recommend builders we know and trust and forward to them and you're chosen builders copies for the drawings so that you can organise to start your project on site.

Remember you will have the ability to contact us at anytime during the whole design process

Further Notes

  • We become your agent, all postage and correspondence will be directed to us and handled by us. Saving you time hassle and headaches. In our past experience agent service has been known to speed up your project application just by knowing what to expect and when.
  • Please note the planning approval is not guaranteed, it's quite subjective and open to a lot of political and other influences, but we will do everything possible to make sure your application is a success. The majority of all our applications are accepted first time around.
  • Any additional changes requested by the Local Authority after the plans have been signed off by the client and submitted for Planning consent against our advice, will incur a extra drawing fee.
  • Any additional changes requested by the client after planning approval has been gained will incur additional fees and may also require a revised or new planning application.
  • We will tell you if we don't think your chosen proposal will be accepted or express it chances as best as we can.
  • You will be required to forward the Application Fees to the council for the applications but we will verify these at the time.
  • We can provide services beyond Stage 5 if needed, such as site inspections and project management etc. Generally however if you choose a good builder you will not need the services of an Architect for the works on site and it's not really cost effective for you to have us there (I said we were honest).
  • We can recommend local builders.
  • We can supply a domestic type Building Contract for you to use with the builder (there is a lot of hard earned money involved, please use a contract).
  • We will inform you of any additional consultants needed at the appropriate stage and will require that you confirm their appointments directly.
  • No two schemes and no two planning applications are the same, there are varying different levels of supporting information needed depending upon the site and the complexity of the proposals. Don't worry it's our job to advise you and guide you at the appropriate time. (but please ignore the local pub expert who says Joe Bloggs did one without that and his was alright!).
  • Anyone who gives you a fixed price over the phone is really not giving you their best service.
  • Although we deal with a number of extensions which are quite standard in size and structure. Costs can vary depending on the amount of drawings we need to produce for the individual design.
  • Please be aware the Local Authority may require additional structural or heat loss calculations depending on the nature of the project. These can be provided via a third party.
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our principle concept

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We want to change the way people think in relation to great design needing to break the bank. Think out of the box may be a cheesy phrase. but that is exactly what we do. We don't just add another square box (unless you really want it) we try to think bigger and better and maybe show you something you had not expected.

By offering a friendly relaxed feel to the business we hold each and every clients hand through the whole agent process and provide them with a stress free service. During the planning application process clients are safe in the knowledge that their project is being handled in the appropriate manner and unless any major issues or discussions are required they can sit back, relax and wait for us to keep them up to date with their application.

When it comes to design, having the ability to foresee the outcome before you even start the design process is what a professional designer is paid for.

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Alan Mayhew, My Plans 2 Extend
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"Having spoken to a number of Architects about the design of our new house, my wife and I chose My Plans 2 Extend because they were really friendly and easy to deal with. Their rates were also extremely competitive! They did an excellent job, providing countless sets of detailed drawings, which all of the tradesmen remarked upon. They were always available at short notice for help and advice, and handled the Planning, and Building Regulations applications from start to finish. I would recommend them without hesitation."
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Alan Burdis, New Dwelling, Langley Park

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"We were looking to have a two storey extension built as we really needed the additional space, and were looking for an architect to turn this into reality. Having no previous experience in having building work done, we also wanted the architect to help us through the planning process, allowing us to concentrate on selecting the right builder. We looked at a number of architects but chose My Plans 2 Extend, due to both the competitive price and the quality of the plans that they produced. We are currently in the middle of the building phase and am extremely happy with how the plans are being turned into reality."
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Mark Snook

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"The full planning permission process was handled by My Plans 2 Extend and they were excellent is providing us with a full set of planning approval ready plans and carried the work through to ensuring we also received building regulations drawing which would be used to; we were kept fully up to date along the way. My Plans 2 Extend made a couple of suggestions for builders for our project and even printed extra copies of the full plans when one other builder offered to tender for the business."
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Aidan Berry
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Garden Design

bespoke garden design

My plans to extend can also include in our service if required a full bespoke garden design service which can even extend to planting schedules and outdoor structures.

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